Israel Embassy in Colombia Celebrates Ties With Morocco by Planting Trees


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Rabat – The Israeli Embassy in Colombia has celebrated the resumption of ties between Morocco and Israel through an environmentally friendly initiative.

On Thursday, the embassy presented an initiative of planting 17,000 trees, announcing the project on International Earth Day.

The Israeli embassy has named the project, the “Forest of Peace and Reconciliation.”

The peace forest will be planted in San Luis, a municipality in the department of Antioquia.

The project is also in line with Colombia President Ivan Duque’s environmental strategies contributing to the Colombian government’s goal of planting 180 million trees by 2020. Adriana Santa, the official in charge of the strategy in Colombia, will monitor the project.

Colombia’s Ministry of Defense will support the project using the Humanitarian Demining Brigade of the National Army.

The Israeli embassy inaugurated the project by planting a tree in the garden of the Moroccan residence in Bogota. Morocco’s ambassador in Colombia and Ecuador, Farida Loudaya, and the Ambassador of Israel, Christian Cantor planted the tree together.

The Israeli ambassador, Cantor, expressed satisfaction with the project.

“It was extraordinary to be able to combine two objectives, each with its merits: on the one hand the initiative of the Colombian president to fight climate change and on the other hand the demonstration of unity and reconciliation,” Cantor said.

For her part, Moroccan Ambassador Loudaya conveyed both Morocco’s satisfaction and its commitment to contribute to Colombia’s environmental initiative.

She emphasized Morocco’s attention to climate change issues, recalling the country’s role in renewable energy in Africa and clean energy investments across the world.

“It is also a timely opportunity to spread a message of union, peace and reconciliation, to break down all barriers and foster a culture of harmony, brotherhood and coexistence,” said Loudaya.

Adriana Santa also emphasized the importance of the initiative, saying that the trees reinforce the Columbian government’s commitment.

The initiative also seeks to contribute to the “reduction of 51% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2030,” she said.