Jordan Accuses Prince Hamzah of Undermining Country’s Security


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Rabat – Jordan’s Foreign Affairs Minister Ayman Al Safadi said on Sunday Prince Hamzah was  plotting to destabilize Jordan.

In a press conference, Al Safadi, who is also Jordan’s deputy prime minister, said the prince was in communication with several figures inside and outside Jordan, plotting to undermine the country’s security and stability.

“There were efforts that threatened Jordan’s security and stability and these efforts were foiled,” the minister said.

The official emphasized that an investigation is ongoing to determine the involvement of the prince and foreign parties that threatened Jordan’s security and stability.

Vowing transparency, he said Jordan will unveil more details, including names, after the investigation.

Safadi’s press conference comes after the arrest of 20 high profile officials on Saturday for plotting a coup d’etat.

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Jordan also put Prince Hamzah under house arrest for his alleged involvement in the alleged coup plot.

Hamzah denied the accusations against him in a footage published online.

He also accused Jordan’s governing structure of “incompetence” and “corruption.”

Jordan received support from several countries, including Morocco.

King Mohammed VI was the first foreign leader to hold a phone call with King Abdullah II on Sunday.

In the phone call, King Mohammed VI expressed his full support for the decisions of King Abdullah II to ensure the stability and security in his country.

Morocco’s foreign affairs ministry also expressed support for Jordan’s stability.

In his phone call today with King Abdullah II, King Mohammed VI reassured him of Morocco’s full support for the stability and security of Jordan.