Morocco ‘Deplores’ Spain’s Hosting of Polisario Leader Under Fake Identity


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Rabat – Morocco’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned Spanish ambassador in Rabat to “clarify” Spain’s decision to host Polisario leader Brahim Ghali for medical treatment.

Earlier this week, reports of Brahim Ghal’s presence in Spain for medical care after he tested positive for COVID-19 made international headlines.

The Moroccan foreign ministry released a statement today, “deploring Spain’s attitude” in welcoming Ghali. 

Recalling that Ghali is subject to prosecution for serious war crimes and serious violations of human rights, the statement expressed Rabat’s “disappointment” at Madrid’s hosting of the Polisario chief. 

It said Spain’s decision to welcome Ghali is against “the spirit of partnership and good neighborliness and which concerns a fundamental issue for the Moroccan people and its vital forces.”

The press release added that Spain’s attitude resulted in “great incomprehension” and prompted legitimate questions, including why the Spanish government would grant Ghali access to Spain with a fake passport.

The ministry also appeared to be especially dismayed that Spain did not even bother to notify Morocco of its decision.

“Why the Spanish justice has not yet reacted to the many complaints filed by the victims,” the ministry said, referring to the series of criminal charges Ghali has been associated with.

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NGOs, including the International Organization for Human Rights and Defence of Public Freedom (IOHRDPF) have called for the immediate arrest of Ghali in Span.

Lawyers of the alleged victims of war crimes and other human rights violations attributed to Ghali also filed a complaint against the leader of the separatist group at Spanish courts.

Ghali is among the most wanted individuals in Spain for “crimes against humanity,” including torude, illegal detention, and forced disappearance.

Some of the crimes took place between 1976 and 1989 against Spanish and Sahrawi civilians.

A judge at the Spanish National Court summoned Ghali to court in 2008 and 2016 for the crimes.

The Polisario leader did not respond to Spain’s legal suit.