Morocco Opens Investigation into Mass Irregulation Migration Near Tetouan


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Rabat – Moroccan police in the city of Tetouan, northern Morocco have opened an investigation on Tuesday to identify all the people involved in organizing the mass irregular migration operation that took place on Sunday, April 25.

Videos and photos of the mass migration operation went viral online, showing individuals lining up on Fnideq’s beach, a town near Tetouan.

In the videos,  multiple individuals swim from Fnideq toward the Spanish enclave of Ceuta.

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Photos show that a group of migrants reached their destination.

In response to the incident, Morocco’s General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) said that an investigation has been opened into the case. Spanish security services handed 23 irregular migration candidates to Morocco after their arrival in Ceuta.

Police put the suspects in custody for further investigation.

Spanish news agency EFE reported that Spain will repatriate the migrants back to Morocco, under an agreement from both countries.

Ceuta authorities did not reveal the exact number of people who reached the Spanish enclave.

Spanish news outlets said that the irregular migrants are adults.

Irregular migration continues to be a growing problem in Morocco, amid the COVID-19 economic crisis. 

In 2020, police stopped 9,179 candidates for irregular migration from leaving Morocco. The number included 6,162 people of foreign nationalities.