Morocco Sentences Man to 1 Year in Prison for Using Violence Against Contractual Teachers


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Rabat – The Court of First Instance in Rabat has sentenced a man to one year in prison for using violence during the contractual teachers’ protests.

The man appeared in several videos and photos kicking and beating teachers during a peaceful protest held on March 17 in Rabat.

The incident took place during the dispersal of a gathering of contractual teachers, who have been protesting for their involvement in the public sector.

Authorities in Rabat announced they were opening an investigation in response to the violence used on teachers which wa

s seen in shared videos online.

Minister of Human Rights Mustapha Ramid also condemned the situation in a statement on Facebook.

In March, he described the acts as “incomprehensive, unjustified, unreasonable, and unacceptable.”

Several citizens also shared the “#protect teachers in Morocco” hashtag in response to the country’s decision to disperse teachers’ protests in Rabat.

Citizens and activists also condemned the use of violence to break up the crowds, re-sharing videos of violence against the teachers.

Contractual teachers have been protesting to be integrated into the public sector since 2019.

The Ministry of Education adopted provisions, stipulating that the recruitment of teachers should be under contract, instead.

The provisions are in line with the joint decision between the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Education made in 2016.

Morocco has banned any public gatherings or protests as part of preventive measures against COVID-19.

Authorities in Rabat issued a press release on Sunday after posts went viral about the potential protests of teachers.

Authorities warned that any gathering or protest will be against the state of emergency measures.