Morocco Supports Stability, Security in Jordan


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Rabat – Morocco’s Foreign Affairs Ministry expressed on Sunday full support for King Abdullah II of Jordan and his decisions to ensure his country’s stability and security.

On Saturday, reports on the arrest of a score of high-profile officials made headlines in Jordan.

Reports said the arrest came to foil what they described as “an apparent coup d’etat.”

Jordanian authorities arrested nearly 20 people and limited movement of former crown prince Hamzah bin Hussein, the half brother of Jordan monarch King Abdullah II.

Jordan said the arrests came in response to threats to the country’s stability.

Among the arrestees was Hamzah bin Hussein, suspected of links to the alleged coup plot.

The country’s authorities denied the prince was under house arrest. BBC said that the country’s military ordered the prince to stop actions against Jordan’s stability.

Several countries have expressed full support for the government’s actions to ensure its stability.

Citing “the special ties” uniting King Mohammed VI and the Jordanian King, Morocco on Sunday “reiterated its full solidarity with the Hasheite Kingdom of Jordan.”  based on, Rabat 

Morocco and Jordan enjoy strong relations in different fields.

Jordan was among the countries that recently opened a diplomatic representation in southern Morocco, reflecting its unwavering support for Rabat’s position over Wester Sahara.

Jordan is the third Arab country to open a consulate in Morocco’s southern provinces. The UAE and Bahrain also inaugurated representations in the region.

Jordan’s foreign affairs minister Ayman Al Safadi also expressed satisfaction with his country’s decision to open the consulate in southern Morocco.

“Relations between the two kingdoms are historic, strategic, strong, and special,” Al Safadi said in March during the opening ceremony of the Jordanian consulate in Laayoune.