Morocco to Build New Large Cemetery in Rabat Due to Shortage of Space


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Rabat – Morocco will establish a new “large” cemetery in the city of Rabat to provide more space, as cemeteries currently operating are nearly full. 

The cemetery will cover 26 hectares, of which 18 are a donation from Morocco’s Ministry of Islamic Affairs.

Eight hectares have already been developed and enclosed.

The Vice-President of the Municipal Council of Rabat in charge of Hygiene and Public Health, Abderrahim Lakraa, said the remaining eight hectares are private property that 100 families own.

The municipality will use the land and compensate the families, Lakraa explained.

The new cemetery in Rabat will have an average burial capacity of 5,000 remains per year, which will make it operational for 26 to 30 years.

A budget of MAD 5 million ($561, 987) has been allocated for the project.

The municipality will provide MAD 1 million ($112,309) for the project, while the prefecture council in Rabat will invest the rest.

The new cemetery is part of a partnership and cooperation agreement between the ministries of Islamic Affairs, the Interior, the prefecture of Rabat, the governorate of Rabat-Sale-Kenitra, and the city’s municipality.

The project is under a final review from all departments before being finalized.

Lakraa emphasized that the municipality will carry out more extension projects in other cemeteries to tackle the shortage of space.

He said that the city’s council completed the procedures and opened an extension of the Essadike Cemetery located in the industrial district in El Youssoufia near Rabat.

The extension covers a land of more than 2.5 hectares, which will allow the cemetery to operate for two more years with an occupancy rate of 50%.

Most cemeteries in the city of Rabat are facing a shortage of space. Seven cemeteries out of twelve in Rabat, that cover 90.5 hectares, have reached an occupancy rate of over 90%.

Three others are already saturated, including the Allal Ben Abdellah Cemetery in Hassan, Zourara (Prestigia) Cemetery in Agdal-Ryad, and the Hajjaj Cemetery in Yacoub El Mansour.