Morocco’s Armed Forces Kill Another Senior Polisario Officer


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Rabat – Pro-Polisario websites announced the death of a second leading member of Polisario during an attempted raid that the separatist group planned against Moroccan armed forces.

Futuro Sahara reported on Sunday that Morocco’s military forces killed E Najem Ould Ed’Dia, a senior Polisario commanding officer.  Ed’Dia allegedly died after sustaining serious injuries during a Moroccan counterattack.

The Polisario member was among separatists who planned a violent attack on Wednesday, April 7, against Royal Armed Forces (FAR) east of the Western Sahara region.

The Moroccan counterattack against Polisario members caused the immediate death of Dah El Bendir, one of the leading “gendarmerie” corps in Tindouf.

Several other members of Polisario suffered serious injuries.

Reports claimed Morocco counterattacked using a drone.

Morocco’s government has not yet confirmed the attack.

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Meanwhile, Polisario operatives spoke to AFP and other international media outlets, such as Le Monde and Baron’s, to confirm the death of Dah El Bendir through a “drone” counter-attack.

Futuro Sahara conveyed Polisario’s security threats against Morocco in response to the killing of El Bendir.

The death of the second leading member of Polisario is another setback for the group, which has been touting its military efforts against Morocco’s Royal Army since November 2020.

The Polisario Front and its supporter Algeria have been publishing statements of war against Morocco’s military.

The statements followed Polisario’s decision to violate the ceasefire agreement with Morocco, violating UN resolutions.

Morocco’s peaceful intervention in Guerguerat, near the Moroccan-Mauritania border angered Polisario in November 2020.

Morocco’s government ordered its military to restore security after the separatist group sent its militias to the region, causing a blockade of civilian and commercial traffic in the region.