Morocco’s Top Grape Exporter Plans to Boost Summer Shipments to Europe


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Rabat – Morocco’s largest grape exporter Delassus Group plans to increase the number of shipments sent to Europe for the summer 2021 season. 

The Delassus Group plans to ship approximately 2,000 tonnes of different varieties of grapes from Morocco to European markets by 2023 and anticipates a 36% increase in volume.

 “Delassus aims to be the benchmark for grapes from Morocco. The strategy is to have the best recent varieties known for their flavor, productivity and shelf life in production,” said Sales and Marketing Director of the group, Fatiha Charrat.

Currently, the Delassus Group grows three types of grapes: White, black, and red. “About 50% of the grapes will be white, 35% red and 15% black,” added Charrat.

The top importers are Germany and the United Kingdom although Delassus Group ships other products to Eastern Europe, the Middle East, West and Central Africa, North America, and Southeast Asia.

The season for exporting grapes is relatively short as Delassus ships from mid-May to the first week of August. 

With production facilities in Taroudant and Marrakech, Delassus enjoys Morocco’s moderately warm climate which is perfect for grape production. The company boasts its unique ability to cultivate, harvest, pack, and ship from its facilities. “92% of Delassus Group’s export comes from its own farms using dedicated pack houses.”

Morocco exported $12.6 million (MAD 112,527,437) worth of grapes in 2020 and the Delassus Group is the top exporter.

The most exported grape varieties are Sugarone (white) and Crimson (red).

Along with grape production, the Delassus Group exports snacking tomatoes, avocados, citrus, and flowers from Morocco to locations around the world. 

The company operates over 3000 hectares of farmland and plans to continue expanding operations in the kingdom. Delassus Group employs approximately 6,200 employees and seeks to become the “ambassador of Moroccan grapes to the European market.”