Muslims in France’s Rennes Condemn Offensive Tags Against Islam, Prophet Muhammad


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Rabat – Muslims in Rennes, northwest France, woke up to stunning and shocking tags against Islam and Prophet Muhammad on Sunday morning.

Annonymous individuals printed anti-Muslim tags in the walls of the Muslim Cultural Center in Rennes, which sparked uproar and anger against Muslim communities across the world.

Mosque-goers discovered the offensive tags against Prophet Muhammad and Islam early in the morning, according to Rennes’s Regional Council for Muslim Worship.

The tags read “catholicism is the state religion” and “no to Islamization,” in addition to offensive  tags against the prophe.

Mohammed Zaidouni, president of the regional council, condemned the acts, caling for the end of “violence and barbarism.”

“We are the children of the Republic and we end up with hatred,” he told AFP.

The president of the Muslim council said Muslims were “shocked by such obscenities. It was violent.”

He added that some Muslims were “really sad.”

Zaidouni said there are some who seek to “sow discord in France.”

“We have a duty to preserve the country. We will unite shortly so that god preserves our country, France, because there is nothing worse than discord within a country.”

Extending solidaity with all Muslims acoss the country, he said the anti-Muslim inscriptions are not acceptable.

Nathalie Appere, the mayor of Rennes commented on the incident, saying that such acts “have no place in France.”

The mayor also extended support for people shocked by the “unworthy acts.”

Activists and NGOs have long expressed concerns regarding the rise of Islamophobia in France.

The concerns surged after the adotpion of a bill the French parliament recently passed to fight against “Islamist separatism.” 

The bill includes strict laws against Islamic practices, including the ban of Musim minors from wearing hijab or the Muslim headscarf in public spaces.

The bill emphasizes the “prohibition in the public space of any conspicuous religious sign by minors and of any dress or clothing which would signify an inferiorization of women.” 

If enacted, the amendement will make it illegal for Muslim woman under the age of 18 to wear the hiab in public.

In addition to the hijab ban, Musims also condemned the controversial,anti-Islam remarks by President Emmanuel Macron. 

Recently, the French president described Islam as a religion in crisis.

The statement angered Muslims, who launched a boycott of French products. The boycott was also in response to France’s bill and its crackdown on mosques across the country.