New Port of Dakhla, A Flagship Project of New Development Model for Southern Provinces


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Rabat – The under-development Dakhla Atlantic Port is a flagship megaproject of the development model for Morocco’s southern provinces, in line with King Mohammed VI’s guidelines, the Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water has said in a statement.

The project, whose agreement was signed before the King in February 2016, is perfectly in line with the guidelines the King outlined in his speech to mark the 45th anniversary of the Green March, the ministry added.

“Consistent with this vision, the Atlantic coast to the south of the Kingdom, bordering the Moroccan Sahara, will serve as an area for the achievement of economic complementarity as well as continental and international prominence. In addition to Tanger-Med, which is the first port in Africa, Dakhla Atlantique will contribute to reaching this goal,” the King said in his November 2020 speech.

“I shall continue to work for the development of a real maritime economy in these provinces, which I particularly cherish,” he stressed. “Indeed, they boast significant resources and capabilities that can make them act as a bridge between Morocco and its African roots.”

This project of strategic importance for West Africa and the southern provinces, including the region of Dakhla-Oued Eddahab, will support the region’s economic, social, and industrial development in all its productive sectors. These include fisheries, agriculture, mining, energy, tourism, trade, and industry, among others.

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It will also provide the region with a modern logistics tool that will allow it to seize opportunities that the international shipping sector offers.

The project, with an evolutive design, will involve developing a deep-water port on Dakhla-Oued Eddahab’s Atlantic coast following three components. These include a 16m/zh deep commercial port, a port dedicated to coastal and deep-sea fishing, and a port dedicated to the shipbuilding industry.

An industrial-logistics zone of 1,650 hectares will back the port, intended to offer quality industrial and logistics services. Following studies on the port complex’s realization, the Ministry of Equipment launched a call for tenders with pre-selection No. 08/DPDPM/2020 for the construction of the new port complex.

The ministry has published the results of the pre-selection phase, under the regulations of public procurement in force.

The list of companies selected following the pre-selection phase is finalized, and the next phase will focus on selecting a contract holder and subsequently on the actual launch of work, the statement concluded.

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