Number of Moroccans in Spain Exceeds 800,000


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Rabat – New data from Spain’s Ministry of Migration estimated the number of  Moroccans in Spain at 811,530, as of December 2020.

The number represents a 2% increase compared to a year earlier.

The statistics said that women represent 44% of the Moroccan community legally established in Spain.

The average age of Moroccan immigrants in Spain is below 33 years old.

Recent data from the Spanish ministry said about 264,304 Moroccans were registered with social security in Spain at the end of February. The number shows that Moroccans maintain their position as the largest registered foreign community established in Spain.

The total number of foreigners living in Spain reached 5,800,468 as of December 2020.

The socio-demographic profile of foreigners residing in Spain is diversified.

The average age of the foreign population in Spain is approximately 40-years-old.

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Statistics show different age averages among European nationals living in Spain, including British citizens, with an average age of 54 and 49-year-old for Germans.

The 2% increase in the foreign population in Spain is lower than what was recorded over the last 10 years (19%).

The change is due to the impact of COVID-19 and movement restrictions.

The number of foreign residents recorded the lowest year-on-year increase since 2016.

Approximately 15 nationalities represent almost 75% of the total number of foreign residents in Spain. Around 8% of foreigners residing in Spain are from Europe, including Romania, the UK, and Italy.

The most numerous non-EU nationals in Spain include Moroccans, Chinese, Venezuelans and Ecuadorians.

The Spanish ministry said that two-thirds of foreigners living in Spain live in four autonomous communities, including Catalonia, Madrid, Andalusia, and Valencia.

Seven provinces in Spain contain 57% of the total foreign population established in Spain, according to the data.