Spain Arrests Man Suspected of Murdering 6 Members of His Family in Morocco


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Rabat – The Spanish police arrested a suspect for his involvement in several homicides committed in Sale, a city near Rabat in Morocco.

On Sunday, El Pais reported that Spanish police arrested a wanted man for allegedly murdering six members of his family in February.

The Spanish news outlet said that the murder was due to a dispute over inheritance.

Moroccan authorities informed Spain about the suspect when data showed his presence in Spain.

Spanish police then monitored surveillance cameras to confirm the presence of the suspect in Castellon, a province in eastern Spain. 

Police said they arrested the suspect on Friday when he left his residence and was heading towards his vehicle.

According to reports, the man is believed to have set the family home on fire after attacking some of his relatives with a knife.

The victims were his brother, his sister-in-law, their children, and some other children of the same family.

The suspect stabbed the six members of his family when they were asleep and pourred flamable liquid to set fire on the house after the murder, according to the El Pais report.

Authorities found the victims at the scene with stab wounds, causing uproar among Moroccans when news emerged of the heinous incident.