Survey: COVID-19 Left Lasting Impact on Moroccan Consumer Behavior


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Rabat – The Group of Advertisers of Morocco (GAM) and the Interprofessional Center for Media Hearing (CIAUMED) have tracked the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Moroccans’ purchasing power and consumer behavior in the post-pandemic context.

The two parties conducted the study through a survey on a sample of 2,600 Moroccan households. They announced the findings during a videoconference on Wednesday, which Morocco World News attended. Hosts held the conference under the theme “COVID-19, a year later… Which impact on the consumers’ habits and its relation with brands and the media?”

Overall, the findings show that there was a jump in media audiences, a decline in household purchasing power, and an emergence of new consumer trends.

According to the study, around four households out of five have experienced a decline in their purchasing power due to the crisis, while 50% of households diminished their frequency of food and consumer goods purchases.

In fact, 40% of Moroccans have changed the type of food products they consume compared to before the COVID-19 crisis hit. 

The crisis has also made a significant impact on long-term investments. Around 80% of the surveyed households declared postponing or canceling real estate purchases. Approximately 4% declared they had to cancel or postpone the purchase of a vehicle.

Regarding domestic tourism, around 20% stated that they traveled after the three-month-long full lockdown.

The lockdown, the survey found, multiplied time spent on the internet and led to the emergence of new online practices. The surveyed households said that they spent 68% more time watching television, 62% more time on social networks, and 45% more time reading news online since the beginning of the health crisis.

Online purchases and activities significantly increased during the lockdown. The growing online payment services for bills, food, clothes, and other products illustrate the trend.

In addition to the augmented internet consumption during the lockdown, Moroccan households also spent more time watching national television broadcasters for information. This marks an increase of 68%.

Around 80% of Moroccan households found that the COVID-19 awareness campaigns broadcast on classic media (national television and radio channels) were of great importance to them.

“The crisis marks a U-turn in consumer behavior. A renewal in the relations, habits between brands, media, and consumers will sustainably be set up,” the president of GAM, Youssef Cheikhi, said.

The CIAUMED is an Economic Interest Grouping (EIG), jointly established by Morocco’s television broadcaster SNRT, 2m TV Network, the GAM, and the Union of Communication Consulting Agencies (UACC).

The grouping aims to put in place technical and scientific means and tools to examine media audiences.