US Delegation Visits Morocco’s Dakhla to Explore Business Opportunities


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Rabat – A delegation from the Young Democrats of America paid a working visit to Dakhla, southern Morocco last week.

The visit sought to explore business opportunities in the region, as well as to discuss US-Morocco cooperation.

The visit is another signal that the new US administration will most probably uphold Trump’s recent proclamation on Western Sahara.

The former president of the US recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over the region on December 10, raising eyebrows among Polisario supporters.

Following Trump’s departure, Polisario’s sympathizers were eager to see Biden reverse the US’ position.

The new administration confirmed it continued to support the decision the Trump administration made on Western Sahara.

On February 22, State Department Spokesperson Ned Price said: “I think what we have said broadly still applies.”

The official made the remark at a press conference when asked whether the new administration will reconsider the terms of Trump’s Western Sahara proclamation.

The visit

The delegation, which visited other regions across Morocco, finished the working trip in the country on Sunday.

State media said the delegation praised the development Morocco is experiencing.

The agency, which cited a joint press release from the US party and Morocco’s Authenticity and Modernity youth branch (PAM), said the delegation visited Morocco from March 31 to April 4.

The delegation held a number of activities, including a meeting with the Secretary-General of PAM and other party leaders.

The delegation also emphasized the “remarkable development” the Dakhla region witnessed in recent years.

The Western Sahara region in southern Morocco is witnessing rapid socio-economic and political transformations. The region attracts investors from around the world.  

The delegation also participated in a round table session on the autonomy plan.

Morocco submitted the autonomy initiative to the Security Council in 2007.

The Moroccan initiative suggests making Western Sahara a semi-autonomous region that remains under Morocco’s sovereignty. The plan will allow the region’s inhabitants to manage their social, economic, and political affairs while Morocco handles defense and diplomacy. 

A growing list of countries considers the plan as a “serious” and “credible” solution to end the conflict over Western Sahara.

The joint statement emphasized that the plan remains the only serious and credible proposal for a solution to the “fabricated conflict” within the framework of the full sovereignty of Morocco over Western Sahara.