Morocco’s BCIJ Denies Innocence Claims of Suspect Terrorist’s Wife

Photo provided to Morocco World News.

Rabat – Morocco’s Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ) has denied the claims of the wife of a recently arrested suspect terrorist.

In a statement issued on Friday evening, BCIJ categorically denied the wife’s  allegations to local media, claiming her husband is innocent and not involved with any terrorist cell.

In a video that went viral after BCIJ dismantled a terrorist cell authorities say was on the verge of striking, the wife claimed that her husband is a “very nice person” and “can never do this.” She also pleaded with the media to help her “share the truth.”

The concerned suspect was arrested in Temara. According to an earlier BCIJ press release, the alleged terrorist attempted to blow himself with a large gas cylinder and showed “fierce resistance.”

Security services had to fire four warning bullets and use flashbangs and smoke grenades before arresting the suspect.

BCIJ’s recent statement refuted the claims of the suspect’s wife, clarifying that security officers found explosive belts, balaclavas, knives, welding machines, and several chemicals used in the preparation of explosives in the suspect’s apartment.

BCIJ also explained that a police officer took charge of the wife throughout the arrest operation to protect her from any harm.

The statement stressed that the woman’s claims that her husband is not involved with a terrorist cell are completely false and represent an attack on the integrity of Morocco’s security procedures.

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The dismantling of a terrorist cell, on Thursday, September 10, is one of Morocco’s largest operations in recent years. The coordinated efforts led to the arrest of five alleged terrorists, aged between 29 and 43, in Tangier, Temara, and Tiflet.

According to BCIJ, the terrorist cell was at an advanced stage of planning attacks and already had weapons and equipment that threatened national security.

The head of BCIJ, Abdelhak El Khiame, said the country has avoided a “bloodbath” thanks to the last-minute dismantling of the terror cell.