Morocco’s Field Hospital in Beirut Ends Services After Achieving Objectives

Morocco’s Field Hospital in Beirut Ends Services After Achieving Objectives

Rabat – Morocco’s military field hospital in Beirut achieved its objectives, the sites chief doctor Colonel-Major Kacem Chagar said on Saturday.

The doctor told state media that the military field provided quality medical care for the benefit of the victims of different nationalities of the explosion that rocked Beirut on August 4.

Moroccan television channel 2M quoted a military source, announcing the end of the field hospital’s services.

The mission reflects the “strong support” of Morocco as part of its humanitarian actions in Lebanon and to consolidate the Moroccan model of solidarity and its support to brotherly countries.

Chagar said Morocco’s medical staff in Beirut took care to present medical services in good conditions marked by the cohesion between all of its members and patients.

“The hospital has provided remarkable work as evidenced by the colossal efforts of the medical staff who provided delicate surgical operations and provide quality services with professionalism,” he added.

Morocco’s field hospital in Beirut started operations on August 10. The site had 150 personnel, including 45 physicians.

Chagar said the field hospital in Beirut was very busy, providing 23,167 medical consultations for the victims of the explosions.

The beneficiaries include 8,863 men, 9,853 women, and 4,451 children.

The hospital also performed 431 surgeries and 6,433 additional examinations, including biology, radiology, and ultrasounds.

The hospital also received victims of traffic accidents and domestic accidents.

King Mohammed VI ordered the establishment the field hospital just a few days after the Beirut explosions.

The field hospital is part of Morocco’s humanitarian aid to Lebanon. The North African country sent additional aid through eight flights.

Lebanese people, government, and celebrities welcomed Morocco’s support.

The “Thank you King Mohammed VI” hashtag went viral on Twitter in August after Morocco sent medical aid to Beirut.

Ramy Ayach, a renowned Lebanese singer, posted a tweet on August 7 thanking Morocco’s King and royal family for their efforts to make sure the Ayach family was safe.

“We thank them for the humanitarian initiative to support Lebanon,” Ayach added.