Morocco’s Palais Ronsard Wins World’s Most Beautiful Restaurant Prize

Morocco’s Palais Ronsard. Photo: Palais Ronsard Marrakech/ Facebook

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Moroccan restaurant Palais Ronsard in Marrakech has won the Prix Verssaille for the most beautiful restaurant in the world. announced the organizers.

organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the International Union of Architects, the Prix Versailles world award for architectures and designs aims to foster better interaction between the fields of economy and the culture. It also and underlines the role of economic agents of all sectors in enhancing, embellishing, and improving living environments.

The competition rewards the most remarkable sustainable development-friendly architecture. Criteria include the chosen architecture’s ability to blend ecological (green economy), social, and cultural (purple economy) dimensions of eco-friendly construction.  The competition judge the world’s most eye-catching architectures based on their innovation, creativity, echo to local, natural, and cultural heritage, ecological performance, as well as their potential for promoting social harmony. 

 Categories include Airports, Campuses, Passenger Stations, Sports, Shops, and Stores, Shopping Malls, Hotels, and Restaurants.

Out of 94 projects across 38 countries, Morocco’s Palais Ronsard in Marrakech won this year’s e World Finale for the most beautiful restaurant. 

Located twenty minutes from downtown Marrakech, Palais Ronsard restaurant offers a unique and special experience with its tranquil and beautiful environment at the heart of the city’s historic palm grove.

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The restaurant’s architecture combines both European and Moorish styles in its different dining areas. Its cuisine, meanwhile, is inspired by traditional Moroccan culinary style with Mediterranean reinterpretations and other special touches from a host of countries.  You can choose to dine in the heart of the restaurant in a warm environment surrounded by art, beautiful Moroccan and European décor, or its outdoor terrace with gorgeous aesthetics and two basins that have bronze flamingo decorations.

The restaurant also offers extended dining places. There is a vegetable garden called “verger,” which offers meals in a royal and natural setting, under a pergola decorated with vines and trees and covered with candlelight at nightfall. 

Another, equally illustrious area, boasts a pool where you can relax in a sunny atmosphere, taste the restaurant’s various cocktails, and enjoy the High Atlas Mountains’ unique sunsets.

Palais Ronsard’s consecration is not the first for a Moroccan building. In 2019, the Kenitra train station won the Prix Versailles’ “Special Prize Exterior” award in the “Passenger Stations” category.

With a total investment of MAD 400 million, Kenitra’s train station opened in November 2018 and was built as a transit hub for Morocco’s high-speed rail linking Tangier, Rabat, and Casablanca.

The train was designed by Silvio d’Ascia Architecture, an international design agency based in Paris, alongside Moroccan design and architecture firm Omar Kobbite Architectes.