Morocco’s Rabat Ranks Low in Smart City Index for 2020

Morocco’s Rabat Ranks 105 in the Smart City Index for 2020

Rabat – Morocco’s capital city of Rabat has ranked 105 worldwide in Smart City Index for 2020, out of 109 cities.

The International Institute for Management Development (IMD) issued the annual ranking, placing Rabat four places lower than the previous year. 

IMD ranks cities on the basis of a survey that focuses on each city’s population’s opinion about the services available in their cities and their alignment with technology and the people’s needs.

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For the Health and Safety index, Rabat scored an average of 47.01. Included in this index are elements such as CCTV cameras and free public wifi.

In terms of mobility, Rabat scored an average of 48.72 on the basis of mobile applications for car sharing, parking and directions, bicycle hiring, online scheduling and tickets, among others.

Meanwhile, the imperial city scored 67.4 in “Activities” indicator, an assessment of online purchasing.

For the “Opportunities (Work & School)” indicator, Rabat scored an average of 58.3%. This metric evaluates online access to jobs, IT skills training in schools, online services to start a business, and internet speed.

Finally, the “Governance” index, Morocco’s capital recorded an average of 44.22 based on indicators such as online voting, online platforms for citizens’ suggestions, and processing identification documents online.

Abu Dhabi ranked on top of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, also making it the smartest Arab city, according to the ranking. 

Singapore topped the global ranking, ahead of Helsinki and Zurich. Also ranked in the top 10 smart cities in the world are Auckland, Oslo, Copenhagen, Taipei city, Amsterdam, and New York.

Meanwhile Nigeria’s Lagos ranked 109, at the very bottom of this year’s Smart City Index. 

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