Morocco’s Ruling Party Condemns Israel’s Attacks in Palestine

Morocco’s Ruling Party Condemns Israel’s Attacks in Palestine

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Rabat – Morocco’s ruling Justice and Development Party (PJD) has condemned the attacks recently carried out by “Israeli occupation forces,” saying they violate Palestinians’ rights.

The PJD shared a statement  following its regular weekly meeting held earlier this week, which the Head of Government and secretary-general of the party chaired.

Following the meeting, the islamist party renewed its position regarding Isaeli attacks against the Palestinian cause. The party described the attacks as a violation of international law and Security Council resolutions. In its statement, PJD particularly fumed at “the occupation government’s decision to build new settlements and the sweeping operations, as well as excavations in Al-Buraq Square.”

The party’s general secretariat said it renews its “firm” position regarding the Palestinian cause and the rights of Palestinians.

“It is not permissible to violate the Islamic character of the Al Aqsa Mosque, its chapels and courtyards,” argued the PJD statement.

The political party said Israel’s practices are in violation of all decisions of the UN-led process to find a lasting solution to end the conflict.

Morocco’s PJD statement is in line with the North African country’s position, defending the Palestinian cause.

PJD has been at the center of controversy recently, with commentators and islamist leaders  from many countries attacking El Othmani for “betraying Palestine” by participating in the signing of a “Joint Declaration” between the US, Israel, and Morocco.

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The declaration, which officialized the warming diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel, was signed  days after Morocco and the US announced “historic” breakthroughs on two fronts: the US position on Western Sahara and relations between Rabat and Tel-Aviv.  

El Othmani signed the declaration along with Israel’s National Security Adviser Meir Ben Shabbat and Jared Kushner, Senior Advisor to the US President.  

In response to the criticism, El Othmani said he participated in the signing ceremony as a Head of Government and not as a PJD secretary-general.

Amid mounting criticism, Morocco’s government also responded with several statements to clarify the country’s position on the Palestinian question. The government argued that recent developments, including rapprochement with Israel, will allow Morocco to be more effective in  its key contribution to finding a mutually acceptable solution to the Palestine-Israel conflict.

King Mohammed VI also responded to the claims that Morocco had “abandoned” Palestine, reaffirming that teh country will continue to consider the Palestinian cause as a priorty and a national cause.

During a recent telephone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, King Mohammed VI said that Morocco’s position regarding the Plestinan cause is “constant and unchanged.The King notably reiterated Morocco’s determination to promote peace and stability in the Middle East.

Prior to his conversation with the Israeli Prime Minister, The Moroccan King addressed a letter to the Palestinian President in which he made clear that that the Palestinian cause is as important and critical for Morocco as the Sahara conflict.

Morocco has also encouraged Israel and Palestine to engage in talks to reach a final and comprehensive solution to end the conflict.