Nearly 35,000 Moroccans Received First Residence Permits in France in 2019

Nearly 35,000 Moroccans Received First Residence Permits in France in 2019

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Rabat – France granted over 34,979 Moroccans with first residence permits in 2019, recent data from Schengen Visa Info has shown.

Schengen Visa Info shared its statistics with Morocco World News, emphasizing that the number of Moroccans who received first residence permits represents 12.3% of all first permits France authorities granted last year.

The website cited the EU statistics office, Eurostat, saying that Moroccans apply for residence in France due to several factors, including linguistic and historical ties.

The data shows the largest national groups benefiting from French first permits after Moroccans include Algerians with 9.6% (representing 27, 405 permits), Tunisians 6.9% (19, 615), Chinese  5.4% (15, 376), Ivorians 3.3% (9, 440).

Other nationalities represent 62.5% (178, 271).

According to Schengen Visa Info statistics, 4.5% of the nearly 3 million first residence permits issued by the EU were for Moroccans.

The data showed that Spain tops the list regarding first resident permits issued to Moroccans.

Spain issued 62,996 first residence permits for Moroccans, representing 19.7% of the EU-27 permits Spanish authorities issued last year.

Moroccans apply for residence in Spain due to geographical proximity. Morocco is 14 kilometers away from Spain.

The data from Schengen Visa Info emphasized that 133, 000 Moroccans received their first residence permits from one of the 27 European Union Member States last year.

The number constitutes the second-largest national group after Ukranians, who received 757, 000 first residence permits last year.

In addition to Spain and France, the Moroccan community in Italy is also one of the largest in the world.

The data from the website shows that Moroccans are the second-largest community in Italy with 15, 972 first residence permits. The number represents 9.1 %, after Albanians with 12.1% or 21, 221 permits.

Moroccans also obtained the largest number of first residence permits in Belgium with 6, 747, representing 1.2% of the total number in 2019.