Paris Knife Attack: Suspect Confesses, Says Charlie Hebdo was Target

Main suspect says Charlie Hebdo was target.

Rabat – The main suspect in the recent knife attack near the old office of Charlie Hebdo in Paris has acknowledged carrying out the attack, sayinghis act was meant against the magazine.

The suspect assumed responsibility for the attack  during his confinement in custody, according to the French Press Agency (AFP).

According to French media, the suspect is an 18-year old man of Pakistani descent.

The young man injured a few people near the old Charlie Hebdo office before French police surrounded the area. Several international news outlets said the stabber attacked four.

The suspect also revealed that his act was politically motivated, evoking the caricatures that the magazine drew of prophet Muhammad.

Two victims sustained serious injuries, according to French security services. The victims include a man and a woman working in a TV production company near the old Charlie Hebdo office.

“Two colleagues were smoking a cigarette outside the building, in the street. I heard shouting. I went to the window and saw one of my colleagues, covered in blood, being chased by a man with a machete in the street,” an employer at the company told the BBC.

The old office is the same that saw the 2015 shooting that killed 12 staff members.

French authorities identified the two shooters as Said Kouachi and Cherif Kouachi, brothers of Algerian descent.

Over the years, several attacks targeted Charlie Hebdo after it issued caricatures depicting prophet Muhammad and Islam on a number of occasions. 

On November 3, 2011, Charlie Hebdo published an edition with a caricature of the prophet Muhammad on the cover, with the slogan “Charia Hebdo,” and a speech balloon that says “100 lashes of the whip if you don’t die laughing.”

The same month, a bombing took place in front of the magazine’s office.

Earlier this month, the Magazine announced its decision to re-publish caricatures depicting the prophet Muhammad.

The magazine issued its “special edition”  amid the ongoing trial of suspects of the 2015 charlie Hebdo attack, saying the move was an “essential” act to defy fear with commitment to courage and freedom of expression. 

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