Police Arrest Moroccan Historian Maati Monjib in Rabat

Police Arrest Moroccan Historian Maati Monjib in Rabat

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Rabat – Moroccan police reportedly arrested historian and journalist Maati Monjib today in Rabat.

Journalist Abdellatif El Hmamouchi announced the news on his Facebook page.

The journalist said: “While we were having lunch in a restaurant on Al Alawiyyin street in Hassan [Rabat], Maati Monjib was arrested by a group of security officers who came with two police cars minutes after his arrival.”

It remains to be seen whether the police arrested Maati Monjib due to the money laundering case he and his family have been facing.

The public prosecutor at the Court of First Instance in Rabat announced the investigation on October 7.

Morocco’s prosecution office in Rabat launched the investigation after receiving reports from the Financial Information Processing Unit showing Monjib and his family’s alleged involvement in laundering crimes.

The investigation seeks to determine the source of suspicious financial transactions and real estate purchases linked to Maati Monjib and his family.

Maati Monjib denied the accusations in a Facebook post in November.

He claimed the accusations against him are not new, adding that Morocco started the investigation on the alleged crimes in 2015.

He also claimed that the charges against him are “purely political.”

“If not, how can I be under investigation for five years and my prosecution did not yet begin despite 20 hearing sessions,” Monjib wrote.

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Source: moroccoworldnews.com