Police in Tangier Find Missing Child Adnane Killed, Buried in Garden


Rabat – Security services in Tangier managed on Friday night to find the missing child Adnane Bouchouf. The child was killed and buried in a garden near his family’s home.

The 11-year-old victim disappeared on Monday, September 7, after his parents sent him to purchase medicine from a nearby pharmacy. The boy did not return home and disappeared without leaving a trace.

One day after the child disappeared, a street camera footage showed a young man talking to Adnane before walking away with him.

Security services were only able to identify and find the suspect appearing in the video on Friday, after he had already committed the crime.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the suspect, a 24-year-old man who works in the Tangier industrial zone, lured the child to his apartment, raped him, killed him, and then buried him in a nearby garden.

Security services found Adnane’s body after arresting the suspect. The murderer confessed to his crimes and showed police officers the spot where he had buried the body. He said that he had committed the crimes on the same day he lured the child.

Local authorities transferred the child’s body to the local morgue to undergo an autopsy. Meanwhile, the suspect is in custody pending the end of investigations to determine all the circumstances of the crime.

The news about the death of Adnane has shocked Moroccan social media activists who were anxiously waiting for security services to find the child. Many are demanding maximum penalties against the suspect.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com