Polisario, Algeria Fabricate Propaganda Footage to Fuel War Narrative

The separatist group publishes fake news on a daily basis to support the narrative of its alleged war against Morocco. Photo credit: Forsatin/Facebook

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Sahrawi NGO Forsatin has exposed the collaboration between Algeria and the Polisario Front to fabricate war propaganda footage.

The NGO, created to defend the human rights of refugees in the Polisario-controlled camps of Tindouf in southwestern Algeria, shared several photos showing Algerian journalists and Polisario members standing in what seems like a movie set in the Algerian desert.

The photos show the cameramen recording footage of abandoned buildings, under the instructions of Polisario militias.

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The resulting footage was then broadcasted on Algerian national television as an “exclusive and first-of-its-kind report documenting the ongoing war between Morocco and the Polisario.”

In the fabricated video report, the Algerian news anchor claims that the ruins that the Polisario members selected to stage their footage were buildings that the Moroccan army attacked.

“Fortunately, the civilian inhabitants that were inside have been evacuated,” the Algerian journalist claimed.

The fabricated footage then shows Polisario militias firing rockets towards the empty Algerian desert and claims that the “attacks” targeted the Moroccan army.

At the end of the report, an Algerian correspondent regurgitates Polisario’s propaganda when some militia members, a few meters behind him, begin shooting bullets into the dark for no apparent reason.

The sudden and loud shots did not cause the correspondent to flinch even slightly, further affirming that the “war footage” broadcasted on Algerian national television is completely fabricated, with Polisario militias serving as actors.

Supported by Algerian media, the Polisario Front has been using fake images and videos to support the narrative of its alleged war against Morocco. 

The front claims the “war” started on  November 13, when Morocco’s Royal Armed Forces intervened in Guerguerat to dislodge Polisario militias and restore traffic at the Morocco-Mauritania border.

This is not the first time the Polisario-Algeria propaganda gets exposed. Earlier this month, European television channel ARTE exposed several fake news that the separatist group and Algeria have shared in recent weeks.

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Source: moroccoworldnews.com