Polish Companies Express Interest in Expanding Into Morocco

Morocco’s aeronautics and telecommunications sectors have sparked the interest of some Polish operators. Photo credit: Moroccan Embassy in Poland

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Polish aeronautics company Flyargo and telecommunications operator Tower Tech have expressed their interest in expanding into Morocco.

Flyargo CEO Maciej Rudnicki and Tower Tech CEO Dariusz Gorecki shared their intention to invest in Morocco with the Moroccan Ambassador to Poland, Abderrahim Atmoun.

The Moroccan diplomat met with the Polish businessmen in Warsaw on Wednesday, October 28.

Flyargo specializes in manufacturing light multi-usage helicopters. The company’s helicopters are especially valuable in the fields of health — to provide emergency medical care — and agriculture.

Meanwhile, Tower Tech specializes in manufacturing telecommunication tools, including radio towers and communication masts.

Rudnicki and Gorecki expressed their desire to benefit from Morocco’s position to penetrate the African market.

According to a press release from the Moroccan Embassy in Poland, the meeting between Ambassador Atmoun and the Polish businessmen aimed to promote and encourage economic cooperation between Morocco and Poland.

Throughout October, Atmoun met with representatives from several business organizations and entrepreneurs in Poland, including Employers of Poland, the country’s largest business lobby, and the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce.

Relations between Morocco and Poland significantly improved this year. In February, Atmoun co-chaired the creation of a Polish-Moroccan Parliamentary Friendship Group.

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A few weeks before the creation of the group, the President of the Polish Senate, Tomasz Grodzki, spoke highly of the progress Morocco has made in recent years.

He also expressed his hope that Morocco and Poland will increase exchanges and improve their economic and cultural cooperation.

Regular meetings between Moroccan and Polish representatives indicate a growing partnership that could translate to Polish investments in Morocco and increased trade.

In 2019, Morocco’s exports to the Central European country reached $452.85 million, while its imports stood at $336.92 million.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com