Political Party Calls on Morocco to Investigate MP’s Alleged Involvement in Rape

Political Party Calls on Morocco to Investigate MP’s Alleged Involvement in Rape

Rabat – Abdelatif Ouahbi, the leader of the Modernity and Authenticity Party (PAM), called on Morocco’s Interior Ministry to open an investigation into allegations of rape laid against a Moroccan member of parliament (MP).

A video of a woman in Fez claiming to have been raped by Rachid Al Fayk, an MP from the Rally of Independents Party (RNI), recently went viral on Morocco’s social networks.

The woman accused the parliamentarian of sexually assaulting her several times.

“He took my clothes off and it did not work when I started to resist him. He told me to listen to him and do what he tells me.”

She said that Al Fayk, who took advantage of her social status and poverty, told her that she cannot defeat him.

“He told me that whatever I do, I cannot defeat him; I am nothing in front of him,” she said.

Recently, local media reported on viral sex tapes allegedly showing the MP with the woman.

A few days later, the woman shared another video, contradicting herself.

She said that the rumors that have been viral against her and the MP are lies and fake.

“The relations between me and Mr. Rachid is a relation of respect,” she claimed.

She said she was under mental distress, which led her to see a doctor.

“I was taking medicines and I acknowledge that I was taking an overdose of the prescribed pills. I don’t know, I am surprised by what happened,” the woman said, citing mental problems to justify making false accusations.

The woman is a member of the RNI’s youth branch in Fez, where she met Al Fayk.

According to her initial allegations, the MP took her phone number from her resume when she applied to join the party.

Amid the confusion, the head of the PAM party asked Morocco’s Minister of the Interior Abdelouafi Laftit to open an investigation into the claims.

“Social networks shared a video of a Moroccan woman claiming that she was violently raped by a man of authority,” Ouahbi said in a written request.

The politician said the case requires an investigation to enlighten the public as to whether the alleged accusations are true or false.

Moroccan newspaper Akhbar Al Yaoum quoted Al Fayk as denying the accusations against him.

He said Moroccan police listened to his statement, claiming the woman is “blackmailing” him.

He refused to comment on the validity of the sexual video clips but said they were fabricated.

The Moroccan parliamentarian said that unknown people took advantage of the woman, convincing her to throw rape allegations against him for blackmail.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com