Rihanna Apologizes to Muslims After Using Hadith in Lingerie Show

Rihanna Apologizes to Muslims After Using Hadith in Lingerie Show. Photo: Rihanna Twitter

Rabat – Popular singer Rihanna apologized to Muslim communities after using a musical remix that included a Islamic hadith during a lingerie fashion show.

In an Instagram story, Rihanna said she and producer Coucou Chloe made an “honest but careless” mistake by putting together the “offensive” remix.

A hadith is a sacred account of prophet Muhammad’s deeds and speeches.

The singer also thanked the Muslim community across the world for pointing out what she described as a “huge oversight that was unintentioally offensive.” 

“I would more importantly like to apologize to you for this honest, yet careless mistake. We hunderstant that we have hurt many of our Muslim borthers and sisters, and i’m incredibly disheartened by this!” she said.

She argued that she does not “play with any kid of disrespect toward God or any religion.”

The singer also said Coucou Chloe’s use of the song, “Doom,” was “completely irresponsible!”

Thanking her Muslim  fans for their forgiveness and understanding, Rihanna vowed that nothing like this will happen again..

The singer and Coucou Chloe received a backlash for using the song during a show featuring models dancing with lingeries.

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The hadith used in the song deals with the Judgment Day or the end of the world in Islamic theology.

Internet users around the world took to social media to condemn the song, criticizing Rihanna and Coucou Chloe.

“I can’t let Rihanna have a pass…  appropriating Islam like for her first show the models wore a scarf around their heads and it looked like HIJAB and her second show she used a track that remixed a HADITH…. Why is no one talking about this, my religion is not y’all’s aesthetic,” a Twitter user wrote.

Coucou Chloe also apologized to Muslims.

“I did not research these words properly and want to thank those of you who have taken the time to explain this to me,” the producer wrote on social networks.

Chloe said she used samples from Baile Funk tracks she found online to create the song “Doom.”

“I was not aware that these samples used text from an islamic Hadith.”

Source: moroccoworldnews.com