Smart Maid app offers domestic work services


Smart Maid, an on-demand app, is a new way of finding assistance in your home, be it for cleaning, nanny duties, or general house chores. Smart Maid connects people to a number of service providers.

It was created to turn an informal sector into a formal one by professionalizing it. Since its launch, the app has assisted in creating jobs for a number of people who have been trained in their areas of specialization.

Founder of Smart Maid app Abas al Hassan says they have put every measure in place to make sure that the app is secure and that the people who come to one’s home are secure.

“For instance, you have to provide a police clearance before you become a provider. You have to provide your ID and we need to verify your ID. And we need to make sure that you have formal training.”

Al Hassan adds: “Once a person requests a maid, the system generates a one-time password that you provide to the maid once they arrive so that they can put it in the system before they start work. This is to ensure that it is the right person showing up at your door.”

In the video below founder of Smart Maid app Abas al Hassan speaks to SABC News:

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Source: sabcnews