Activists march against race classification on state jobs


A group of activists from Oudtshoorn in the Little Karoo has called for race classification criteria to be scrapped from all government forms and state jobs.

The People Against Race Classification South Africa (PARCSA) held a peaceful protest to gain support for the campaign.

Founder, Glen Snyman, a local teacher, was accused of fraud by the Western Cape Education Department last year when he identified himself as African in a job application.

The charges were later withdrawn.

Snyman says he’ll not back down. “Well, people will always define themselves however they wish. They want to define themselves however they feel comfortable; that is the individual’s choice. But regarding legislation, regarding the law, all citizens should be treated equally and fairly in front of the law. So, that is where we want the race block to be removed for an equal society for all.”

PARCSA in Little Karoo calls for race criteria to be removed from all official documents:

Source: sabcnews