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DA calls on Ramaphosa to make ‘full disclosure’ at the Zondo Commission


Political parties have called on State Capture Commission Chairperson, Deputy Chief Justice, Raymond Zondo not to favour ANC President, Cyril Rampahosa as he makes his appearance. The parties have vowed to picket for the duration of Ramaphosa’s testimony at the commission.

Ramaphosa is to continue testifying at the commission in Johannesburg on Thursday.

DA leader, John Steenhuisen, says Ramaphosa should come clean at the commission.

“I’m hoping to hear a full disclosure about the ANC’s policy of cadre deployment and how it lasted to the very part of enabling the state capture to take place. Every single state entity is in crisis. Many government departments cannot deliver even on the most basic mandates. And cadre deployment part of that… people are not put into position on their ability to do their job and serve citizens, but their ability to channel money.”

According to Ramaphosa the ANC did not do enough to fight corruption and state capture. He says it was only in hindsight what was taking place became clear.

The commission spent much of the day questioning him on the ANC’s Cadre Deployment policy.

In his opening statement, Ramaphosa said he was not at the State Capture Commission to make excuses for the governing party or defend the indefensible.

“The ANC has taken this position knowing that the organisation itself would be placed under great scrutiny and that the process of examining these matters will be difficult and painful for the ANC. Nevertheless, the ANC maintains that this commission is a necessary part of the broader social effort of ending all forms of state capture and corruption.”

Ramaphosa said the party did not take much cognisance when the phenomenon of state capture was first raised by Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula at a 2011 National Executive Committee meeting. Mbalula said he had been informed of his cabinet appointment, by Ajay Gupta, before it took place.

He says subsequent interventions by then-Parliamentary Whip, the late Jackson Mthembu and then-Secretary General Gwede Mantashe, were inadequate.

“It had shortcomings in living up to the expectations of the people of South Africa in relation to enforcing accountability and engendering a culture of effective consequence management as the leadership of the ANC duly elected at the 54th Conference. We acknowledge these shortcomings as an organisation.”

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