RTMC explains driving licence renewal fee


The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has rubbished claims that government was planning to charge an extra R250 for online booking on the NaTIS system.

This is after OUTA on Tuesday released a statement claiming the department of transport was planning “to charge motorists R250 to make an online booking for a slot in the queue to renew a driving licence, which is over and above the transaction fees”.

“Driving licence card holders are already paying this feewhen renewing their credit card format driving licences at the licencing centre,” the RTMC said in a statement.

“It is money paid for the production of credit card format driving licence. The proposed change seek to make it convenient for driving licence card holders to make this payment online when making a booking to renew driving licence.”

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The corporation said this was not an additional fee but rather an effort to increase efficiency and cut the time spent on queues at licensing departments.

“It is proposed that the public will have an option to make online payment for renewal of driving licence cards or vehicle licence disks and handover these documents delivered directly to the address of their choice.”

It said that this fee has been in existence all along and added that it has not been changed in more than three years.

It then lambasted Outa and the AA for what it called the spread of misinformation.

“We call on Outa and its allies AA to stop misleading and confusing members of the public in this way but to join us in efforts to improve service at licencing centres.

Source: citizen