SA fuel price set to decrease after record hike


Motorists can expect some financial relief this month as the price of fuel will be cut.

The Energy Department says due to a stronger rand, the price of petrol will be cheaper by about 13 cents per litre, diesel will see a drop of 32 cents per litre and 23 cents per litre for illuminating paraffin.

The fuel price adjustment comes after petrol reached record highs in April, with the retail price of R17.32  per litre for 95 unleaded inland.

It surpassed the previous record of R17.08 set in late 2018. Motorists were also hit with a 65 cents hike to the wholesale price of diesel last month.

The increases included the respective 16 cents per litre and 11 cents per litre for the fuel and Road Accident Fund levies on petrol and diesel.

Discussion on the impact of fuel hikes:

Source: sabcnews