Spain: Moroccans Protest Polisario’s Acts in Guerguerat, Valencia

Spain: Moroccans Protest Polisario’s Acts in Guerguerat, Valencia

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Rabat – Human rights activists and civilians participated in demonstrations across Spain to denounce Polisario’s provocative acts in Guerguerat and at the consulate general of Morocco in Valencia.

On Wednesday, Morocco’s Independence Day, dozens of Moroccans participated in different Spanish cities, notably in Barcelona and Madrid, to condemn the Polisario Front after its supporters stormed the consulate general of Morocco in Valencia.

On November 15, a group of Polisario sympathizers and activists committed acts of vandalism in front of the Moroccan diplomatic representation, removing the Moroccan flag and hoisting the separatist “flag” of the Polisario Front.

The consul general faced the separatist supporters and returned the Moroccan flag to its place.

Moroccan protesters in Barcelona joined their government in condemning the vandalism at the consulate and expressing full support for Morocco’s action in Guerguerat, showing solidarity with the armed forces who secured the region.

Protesters carried Moroccan flags and chanted patriotic slogans during the demonstrations in Spain.

The demonstrations in Barcelona took place at the initiative of the International Alliance Without Borders for Rights and Freedoms, in the presence of representatives of several Moroccan associations active in the Catalonia region.

The demonstrations also saw the presence of a large number of Moroccans residing in the region.

During the protests, demonstrators stressed that the attack against the consulate in Valencia constitutes a flagrant violation of all international standards, laws, and legislation governing the work of diplomatic bodies and representations.

Morocco’s state media reported that the demonstrators in Barcelona also expressed willingness and readiness to engage in all initiatives of King Mohammed VI in defense of the country’s territorial integrity and to block enemy maneuvers.

In front of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid, Moroccans also showed patriotism through defending their territorial integrity against Polisario’s acts.

The “Hope for the Future” association organized the protest in Madrid to denounce the frenzied Polisario supporters at the consulate in Valencia.

According to the Madrid protestors, the illegal practices from Polisario’s militia in Guerguerat and separatists in Valencia “unmasked [Polisario’s] aggressive and criminal character.”

The protests coincided with the 65th anniversary of Morocco’s Independence Day to reaffirm that Moroccans residing in Spain “remain mobilized” behind their King to defend Morocco’s territorial integrity and just causes.