Spanish Interior Minister: Morocco-Spain Cooperation at ‘Its Best’

Spanish Interior Minister: Morocco-Spain Cooperation at ‘Its Best’

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Rabat – Spanish Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska renewed satisfaction with Spain’s cooperation with Morocco in all fields.

Grande-Marlaska spoke to the press today after a meeting with Morocco’s Minister of Interior Abdelouafi Laftit, saying that cooperation between the two countries is “distinguished by mutual trust.”

He said that bilateral cooperation extends to many areas, especially the fight against terrorism, irregular migration, and organized crime.

Grande-Marlaska spoke about the situation in the Canary Islands, which is experiencing a surge in arrivals of irregular migrants. He said that Morocco and Spain have established several measures to counter irregular migration and organized crime.

In October, the Guardian quoted statistics from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), saying that 11,006 people arrived in the Canaries since January 2020.

Approximately 4,925 people arrived in October alone, according to IOM.

The Spanish minister said Morocco and Spain discussed measures to address migration challenges in the region, in line within the framework of the new situation.

He added that Spain and Morocco achieved an important success in the fight against undocumented miration and criminal organizations.

On several occasions, Spain has expressed satisfaction with Morocco’s measures to counter irregular migration, emphasizing that Rabat’s efforts have helped Madrid to halve the number of irregular migrants.

The Spanish official renewed the statement, saying that coordination between the two parties also covers different sectors, including the fight against COVID-19.

Like Morocco, Spain is struggling to manage the pandemic and curb the spread of COVID-19 among its citizens.

Spain has confirmed over 1.54 million cases, including 150,000 recoveries and 42,291 deaths.

As of November 20, Morocco has confirmed 316,260 COVID-19 cases, including 262,212 recoveries and 5,182 deaths.

Grande-Marlaska’s visit to Morocco is the seventh of its kind since taking office as the Spanish interior minister in June 2018.