Spanish Monarch Congratulates King Mohammed VI on Throne Day

King Mohammed VI and King Felipe VI

Rabat –  King Mohammed VI has received a congratulatory message from Spanish monarch Felipe VI on the 21st anniversary of Throne Day.

In the message, King Felipe VI extolled the friendship between Rabat and Madrid.

The Spanish King commended the positive ties his country has always shared with Morocco, as well as the “fraternal affection” he feels towards the King. He also wished the King best wishes for his personal well-being and for that of the Moroccan royal family.

The Spanish sovereign also expressed well wishes for peace and prosperity for the “dear friendly Moroccan people.”

Morocco and Spain share strong diplomatic relations, with frequent exchanges of visits between officials.

The two countries cooperate together in several fields, including energy, trade, and counterterrorism.

Statistics from the Exchange Office’s 2019 annual foreign trade report showed that Spain remained Morocco’s top economic partner in 2019, accounting for 28.4% of the country’s total foreign trade with the EU.

The number represents MAD 144.4 billion, or $14.89 billion.

In addition to Spain, the US also congratulated the King on Throne Day.

US President Donald Trump, US Ambassador to Morocco David Fischer, and the State Department sent congratulatory messages to the monarch on Thursday.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also said in a statement that the US and Morocco continued to work together to create a more and prosperous Africa.

He said the US-Morocco friendship is “founded upon the shared values of coexistence and interfaith dialogue and an appreciation for the importance of stability and economic opportunity.”

The statement echoes US President Donald Trump’s aspiration, who looks forward to continuing fruitful work with Morocco.