3 people killed, 4 injured in South Darfur Attack


Darfur 24-Nyala

Three people were killed and four others were wounded, as a result of an attack lunched by  armed militias on the village of Qasah Anjumat,” 40 kilometers west of Nyala, the capital of South Darfur.

The attack forced all residents of the village to flee to neighboring villages, while some citizens are still unaccounted for.

Citizens of Qasah Anjumat have organized a protest in front of government secretariat in Nyala, demanding state authorities to protect them from armed militias ‘ attacks.

Al-Amin Muhammad Ahmad, a resident of the village, told Darfur 24 that armed groups on motorcycles and horses attacked the Sudan Liberation Movement forces, which is headed by a member of the Sovereignty Council, Al-Hadi Idris, and when they found resistance from the movement’s forces, they turned their attack to the village.

A spokesperson for the citizens of the village, Mohamed Abdallah Ishaq, called on the state government to urgently send forces to deport militias from the village.

Meanwhile, the representative of the Governor of South Darfur, Al-Tijani Hanoun, stated that the State Security Committee has taken legal measures to prosecute and hold the perpetrators accountable, adding  that government forces arrived in the area in the early hours of Saturday morning and will remain there until life returns to normal.

Source: darfur24