Citizens of ten neighborhoods flee over fears of imminent attack 

Citizens of ten neighborhoods in EL-Genina the capital of west Darfur state have fled to the northern part of the city, fearing imminent attacks by armed militias.
Reliable sources told Darfur24 that residents of Jabal and Tadamon residential areas had fled to the northern part of the city, fearing attacks on their neighborhoods .
However, tribal fighting between the Arabs and Masalit tribes renewed on Sunday, leaving  over fifty dead and scores wounded..
The source added that the fleeing citizens were facing tragic circumstances, some of them spend the previous night on streets while others resorted to their relatives homes in the northern part of the city.
Meanwhile, the Sudan defense and security council declared state of emergency in West Darfur yesterday, authorizing government forces to use force against armed militias and protect the defenseless civilians.

Source: darfur24