Communal violence continues for the second day in a row in El-Geneina


Darfur 24- El-Geneina

Tribal fighting between Arab and Masalit  tribes has continued for the second consecutive day in downtown El-Geneina, West Darfur.

Darfur 24 correspondent in  El-Geneina reported that  tribal violence between the two warring parties had resumed once again  on Monday in the Jabal neighborhood, where heavy weapons were heard, and smoke was seen rising from separate places in the neighborhood.

However, Darfur 24 contacted the Deputy Governor of West Darfur, Muhammad Zakaria, but he apologized to provide any information, and said that he was now in an emergency room meeting to manage the crisis, adding that he would brief Darfur 24 after the end of the  meeting.

It has been reported that   the battle is on its way to the city center in a complete absence of security services from the battlefield to separate the two parties.

Source: darfur24