Death toll over appointment of a tribal chief in North Darfur rise to 15


El-fashir -Darfur24

Death toll of Bani Hussein internal  conflict over selection of a tribal chief(Nazir) for the clan   has risen to 15.

The Bani Hussein tribe in North Darfur State has split into two groups  since the tribal chief Mohammad Hamid Jadi submitted his resignation on health ground , one of which advocates for the new Nazir, Muhammad Ismail Adam, who was  appointed by the state governor to succeed the resigned Nazir , while the other group  opposes the newly appointed Nazir, and nominated  Muhammad Ahmad Al-Mahdi for the position.

A resident of Al-Sereef area, Muhammad Hammad Abdul Rahim  told Darfur 24 that the death toll had risen to 15, and more than 30 wounded, following the renewed clashes between the two groups on Friday.

Source: darfur24