East Darfur starts confiscation of unregistered vehicles


Darfur 24-Al-Daein

The government of East Darfur state has begun confiscation of unregistered vehicles known locally as Boko Haram.

The Seizure of the cars which illegally entered the state, started on Sunday in the State capital of Al-daein.

The decision to confiscate unregistered vehicles throughout the country,   was taken last week during a meeting chaired by the deputy chairman of Sudan’s sovereign council, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo.

The High  Committee for Collecting unlicensed Weapons and un registered Vehicles  in East Darfur has  called on citizens to hand over their unregistered vehicles and unlicensed weapons to police stations or regular forces before the start of the campaign.

State government has deployed joint forces consisting of police, armed forces and rapid support forces   on the roads of Al-Daein city, in preparation for the  seizure of the vehicles that have  not been registered.

Source: darfur24