Empowerment  Removal Committee  takes legal action against former regime elements


Darfur 24- Khartoum

The Committee for the Elimination of Empowerment, Fighting Corruption and Recovery of Funds has issued a press statement on the group Ramadan Iftar held by elements of the ousted regime at the Freedom Square on Friday, April 16, 2021.

In a statement seen by Darfur24, the Empowerment Removal Committee said a number of the ousted regime’s elements organized a Ramadan Iftar gathering at Freedom Square on Friday, the fourth day of Ramadan, and broadcast video clips via social media

The committee revealed that this Ramadan Iftar was not of a social nature, but rather a front for political activity for members of the dissolved National Congress Party, which is considered an activity violating the provisions of Articles 4 (1) and (2) of the Act on Dismantling the Regime of the June 30th 1989 and Recovering Public Money for the Year 2019, Amendment 2020.

The committee stated in the press statement that it started taking legal measures against the group participating in this illegal act upon the publication of these clips.

The committee disclosed that one of the arrested persons is an officer with the rank of major in the Medical Corps, and two officers of the General Intelligence Service, in addition to a police officer, indicating that these regular forces elements were handed over to the Military Intelligence and Security Police

Source: darfur24