Forensic medicine: burial of 35 bodies awaiting permission of public prosecution


Darfur 24-Khartoum

The forensic medicine authority said that 10 unidentified bodies were dissected, taken samples from, and buried.

However, the unidentified bodies had been crammed in Khartoum’s morgues.

Hashem Faqiri ,director of the forensic medicine department  told Darfur 24, that 35 other bodies had been autopsied and taken samples from and were awaiting burial permission from the Public Prosecution.

The prosecution office allowed the burial of all 182 corpses that have reached Khartoum morgues since January 2021, 126 of which are adults and 56 newborns.

The prosecution had  earlier  forbid the burial of anybody that arrived in the morgues after the sit-in was dispersed until the completion of investigations into the missing.

But the prosecution and the forensic medicine authority recently reached a decision allowing burial after autopsy and taking samples for DNA testing.

Source: sudantribune