IDPs are detained in Central Darfur over opposition to peace signatory group


June 19, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – The General Coordination of Displaced Persons and Refugees in Darfur condemned the continued detention of 11 displaced persons by the police in Central Darfur State after opposing the opening of an office in their camp by a former rebel group.

A spokesman of coordination, which supports the holdout SLM/A led by Abdel Wahid al-Nur, said that 11 displaced people from Mukjar camp were detained by the police in Wadi Saleh on Thursday afternoon and still under arrest.

Their arrest goes back to the fact that “the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) tried on Wednesday, June 16th to open offices inside the camp, but the displaced refused and resisted it by peaceful means” said Adam Rajal.

“The IDPs consider that some of JEM local leaders were among the perpetrators of the mass and individual killings, rape, looting, kidnapping, torture, burning, displacement, arrest and other crimes in Mukjar and Wadi Saleh,” stressed Rajal.

The statement went further to claim that JEM officials were part of the militiamen led by Ali Kushyab who is under trial by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

It is worth noting that the IDPs Coordination and the residents of camps under its control reject the Juba Peace Agreement. Also, they voiced their support to the position of the SLM-AW which calls for a national conference they intend to hold in the future.

Rajal said the camp residents closed the municipality’s office to protest the arrest of 11 people.

The Sudanese in Central Darfur did not comment on the arrest of IPDs, or the incident.

The IDPs say elements of the former regime are still holding office at the state and local levels despite the regime change in 2019.

Also, aid workers complain that the humanitarian aid officials in Darfur still reject the give them the needed permits for humanitarian access.


Source: sudantribune