Pending issues have ben already agreed in Sudan's DoP: mediation


June 7, 2021 (JUBA) – Most of the outstanding issues in the talks between the Sudanese parties have been already agreed upon in the Declaration of Principles signed last March, said the South Sudanese mediation on Monday.

Last week, the mediation had to extend the negotiations on the framework agreement for a week, after the failure of the negotiating delegation from the government and the SPLM-N al-Hilu to strike a deal.

In press statements after Monday’s session, Dhieu Matouk said that the mediation will not accept a retraction of the Declaration of Principles signed last March

“Many of the outstanding issues are related to the relationship of religion and the state and self-determination. These issues have already agreed upon in the Declaration of Principles signed between the two parties”.

“As a mediation, we see that the current dispute over these issues is unhealthy, and we call on the parties to abide by the signed agreements,” he stressed.

Matok said that the differences are related to the judicial system and the Evaluation and Follow-up Commission. He added that joint committees have been formed to address them.

The Declaration of Principles provides to protect religious freedoms and agree on the impartiality of the state with regard to religious matters.

The SPLM-N al-Hilu demands to repeal all laws related to religion while the personal status for the Muslims is inspired by Islamic law.

The spokesman o the Sudanese government told reporters that there was “limited progress” in the outstanding issues, while the SPLM-N spokesman expressed hope that an agreement would be reached on Tuesday.


Source: sudantribune