RSF officer fires the first shot sparking a tribal conflict in North Darfur


El-fashir-Darfur 24
One of the parties to the conflict over selection of a tribal leader for  Bani Hussein tribe in the Serif area, 238 kilometers west of the city of El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur, has accused an officer with the rank of captain affiliated with the Rapid Support Forces of participating in the fighting two days ago in the Al-Sereef .

Adam Abdel Rahim, , told Darfur 24 that an officer with the rank of captain participated with his forces in the armed clash between the two groups.

He added, “The beginning of the shooting was by Captain M.H of the Rapid Support Forces, while the group rejecting the new nazir was trying to impede the inauguration ceremony.

Source: sudantribune