S. Sudan should get on economic, social development path: Troika


July 8, 2021 (LONDON) – South Sudan should get back on the road to economic and social development despite the immense suffering caused by the outbreak of civil wars, the Troika said.

In a statement issued on the eve of South Sudan’s independence, the Troika (Britain, United States and Norway) said the country has enormous resources that can benefit its citizens.

“After all, South Sudan is rich. Its riches do not just reside in the oil beneath its land or the lumber in its forests. South Sudan is rich because of the diverse communities of people that make up this young country,” partly reads the statement.

The Troika, however, said many tasks remained unaccomplished nearly three years after the signing of the country’s peace deal.

Britain, the U.S. and Norway welcomed the progress that has so far been made but, urged the signatories to accept accountability for their commitments and move faster.

According to the Troika, millions of people do not have enough food to feed themselves or family, 10 years after independence.

“The Troika urges immediate action to ensure access for humanitarian aid and to end violence against South Sudanese and the aid workers who serve them,” stressed the statement.

The Troika further said that it remains eager to work in close partnership with the transitional government to implement fully the 2018 revitalized peace agreement.

“We are committed to standing with the South Sudanese people as they work toward their aspirations of peace and prosperity,” further noted the statement.

It added, “We urge the political leadership of South Sudan to take the actions needed to build the country the jubilant crowds of 2011 dreamed was possible”.

South Sudan attained independence from neighbouring on Sudan in July 9, 2011.

However, as the East African nation marks its 10th independence anniversary on July 9, up to 7.2 million of its population remain on the brink of famine, aid agencies warned.


Source: sudantribune