South Darfur Launches the Covid-19 Vaccination


Darfur 24-Nyala

The State  Ministry of Health  officially launched the COVID-19 vaccination on Saturday,  17 April 2021 at Nyala  specialized Hospital in  Nyala, South Darfur.

The voluntary COVID-19 vaccination exercise in  South Darfur State  has prioritized frontline health workers who are essential in sustaining the COVID-19 response.

The voluntary COVID-19 vaccination exercise in the State  is targeting  people above the age of 60 years.

The fist vaccination does were given to Dr. Ibrahim , Director of Nyala Teaching Hospital and Dr. Amar Ahmed Director of the South Darfur expanded vaccination department,

In his launch statement to the media, Dr. Ahmed head of the technical committee for covid-19 vaciination said that the vaciination campaign had been launched in Nyala and Nyala North localities and other localities would follow suit.

Source: darfur24