SRF groups reject Sudan Call's initiative to reform ruling coalition


June 21, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – The Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) led by Hadi Idris Monday rejected calls by some groups of the Sudan Call alliance to reform the ruling Force for Freedom and Change (FFC) pointing that it hampers efforts to consolidate the coalition.

On Sunday, some groups of the Sudan Call, the National Umma Party (NUP) and the Sudan Liberation Movement-Minni Minnawi held a meeting to discuss ways to reform the FFC.

NUP Secretary-General Wathiq Albrair stated that they would hold a founding conference for the FFC groups in line with the NUP efforts to reform the ruling coalition.

In response to the move, the SRF mainstream distanced itself from the Sunday meeting as Minnawi split from the peace signatory groups.

“The SRF affirms its commitment to its partnership with the FFC Central Council. This partnership has been included in the Juba Peace Agreement, which became part of the Constitutional Document,” says a statement extended to the Sudan Tribune by the SRF Rapporteur Mohamed Zakaria.

“Also, the SRF confirms that the Sudan Call is an essential component of the FCC Central Council and considers that the recent meetings – involving some parties to the Sudan Call- violate the (alliance’s) regulations and bar the way to develop the FFC. Further, (these steps) contribute to confusing the democratic transition and serve the enemies of the glorious Sudanese revolution,” stressed the statement.

Since last year the NUP has been calling to reform the FFC current structures which give equal representation for the small and large political groups.

Some of these small groups imposed their members in the first transitional cabinet and hampered the agreed principle of a technocrat government. Nowadays, they oppose the government’s economic policies.

On the other side, the NUP is accused of seeking to have Lion’s share in the FFC leadership structures.

The divisions among political forces supporting Hamdok’s government triggered several initiatives including one conducted by the SRF Hadi Idris.

Hamdok’s initiative

The Sudanese Prime Minister, for his part, is expected to unveil a political initiative Tuesday to unify the political forces and consolidate the coalition o the transition forces.

A senior government official told Sudan Tribune on Monday that Hamdok’s consultations with the political forces began several weeks ago. He added that the premier is seeking to establish a unified bloc, involving the military, to complete the transition agenda.

In a separate press statement, the cabinet said that Hamdok will announce a new national initiative on Tuesday.

“The initiative aims to unify the components of revolution and change, achieve comprehensive peace, enhance the democratic transition and expand its base,” reads the statement.

A member of the FFC Central Council, Jaafar Hassan, told the Sudan Tribune that the Prime Minister held “positive meetings”, with the FFC leadership in preparation for a political project labelled the “Transitional Bloc” that includes all parties to the revolution.


Source: sudantribune