Suspected Terrorist Kills Prison Employee in Morocco’s Tiflet


Rabat – Morocco’s General Prosecutor at the Court of Appeal in Rabat announced the opening of an investigation after a suspected terrorist, linked to a dismantled terror cell, murdered a prison employee in the local prison of Tiflet, a city near Rabat.

Earlier on Tuesday, the detainee locked the victim in a room where he beat the prison employee and injured him with a sharp object, according to Morocco’s state media.

The prison employee

The ISIS affiliate also injured three other officers when they intervened to save their colleague, according to the same source.

A rapid response team quickly transferred the injured prison officer to the hospital, where he died.

According to preliminary information, the offender in the prison is a member of the terrorist cell that Morocco’s Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ) dismantled in September.

On September 10, BCIJ arrested five terror suspects affiliated with ISIS who were active in several Moroccan cities, including Tangier; Tiflet; Temara; and Skhirat, near Rabat.

Local reports cited sources who said that the suspect in today’s murder was the leader of the dismantled ISIS cell.

During the arrest on September 10, the same suspect showed “violent resistance” and injured one BCIJ officer.

BCIJ said the defendant had a criminal record.

The terror cell had in its possession a set of chemical explosive equipment to make bombs, intended for terrorist attacks.

BCIJ said that Morocco “avoided a bloodbath” through dismantling the cell, which was planning to carry out terror attacks at sensitive sites to undermine the country’s stability.

“We knew that stopping these individuals would not be easy,” the head of the BCIJ said.

The BCIJ’s investigation showed that the suspects had reached advanced stages of planning and preparing acts of terror.

The defendants also “carried out reconnaisance missions to identify targets which they planned to attack with suicide bombing by using explosive vests.”